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Plasser & Theurer EM-SAT built in 2004

Description NT709


The track survey car EM-SAT 120 measures the deviations of a track from its ideal line due to train movements. Using a combination of fixed-point measurement (fixed-point measuring device) and laser measuring, the elevation and displacement values ​​are measured at a distance of 5 meters with an accuracy of +/- 1 millimeter. Then the measured data will be compared with the desired geometry from the geometry database, the control data is determined and transferred directly to the tamping machine.

Technical specifications:
Total length over buffers: 16,440 mm
Width: 3,020 mm
Height: 4,162 mm
Transfer journey: 120 km / h
Test drive: 2-4 km / h
Number of axes: 4
Net mass: 53.0 t
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